The team of Mudam Café constantly challenges the habits of their customers, producing a simple cuisine with local, organic products. A concept that follows an initial impulse given by the Luxembourg Bocuse d’Or winner Léa Linster. The result is a “School of Tastes” that also takes part in the Slow Food movement.

From Monday to Saturday (except Tuesday)

Menu until 3pm

Luxembourgish specialities
Riesling terrine and gelée pastry, green salad, 8€.
Assortment of 3 cheeses from Müllerthal, seasonal salad, 8€.
Luxembourgish speciality of the month, 15€.

Quiches (without gluten ) and green salad
With smoked and rainbow trout from the Our Valley, 5€.
With seasonal vegetable, 5€.
Lorraine, 5€.

Mudam plate 11€
Cheese from Berdorf, green salad, apples from Gutland, chicory, organic egg omelette with potatoes and
fresh vegetables and either: Salmon trout from the Our Valley, Lisanto ham 18 months, fried fresh vegetables

Meat and fish (with fresh seasonal vegetables )
Roast farm chicken supreme, 12€.
Grilled lamb ribs marinated in herbs from the Sûre, 16€.
Luxembourgish fried beef fillet, 20€.
Today’s steamed fish, 14€.
Accompanied by either: steamed potatoes or home fries, pasta from the Our Valley, spelt (red wheat) from the Haute Sûre, today’s sauces

and also...
Seasonal vegetable soup, 6€.
Fresh pasta made at the museum from organic eggs, 8€.

Give in to temptation with our selection at the counter!

...and until 5 pm
Riesling terrine pastry, quiches and soup

- - -
On Sunday

11h – 15h

Mudam Brunch, 18€
Boisson chaude, eau minérale, jus d’orange pressée.
Brioche au sucre, Jambon cru du pays, fromages du Müllerthal (1 au lait de vache, 1 au lait de chèvre), crudités, tapenade, truite fumée de la vallée de l’Our, oeuf bio au plat, quiche sans gluten aux légumes, beurre Rose, pain maison.

À la carte
Chausson à la crème Amarena, 3€
Brioche au sucre, 2€
Tresse aux noix, 3€
Omelette nature ou 2 oeufs au plat nature, 4€
Omelette au jambon cru et pommes de terre, 5€
2 oeufs bio au plat et saucisse végétarienne, 6€
Tartine sans gluten de pâté végétal bio, 4€
Tartine de pain maison et jambon cru du Grand-Duché, 4€
Assiette de crudités et tapenade, 5€
Assiette de fromages du Müllerthal (1 au lait de vache, 1 au lait de chèvre) et de jambon cru du Grand-Duché, 8€
Truite fumée de la vallée de l’Our, beurre Rose, pain de mie complet toasté, 8€
Spécialité luxembourgeoise (plat chaud), 15€

15h – 17h
Quiches (sans Gluten) et salade verte
- aux truites arc en ciel et fumées de la vallée de l’Our, 5€
- aux légumes du moment, 5€
- lorraine, 5€
Pâté et gelée au riesling, salade verte, 8€
Soupe aux légumes du moment, 6€

Pain fait maison !

- - -
Kids Menu: 8,50€

Salad Turmoil

Roasted farm chicken, tomato sauce and fried potatoes.
Homemade Fishsticks of fish makes house, tomato sauce and fried potatoes.
Noodles with tomato sauce and herbs

Ball of homemade vanilla icecream

1 Applejuice from the Gutland or 1/4 Mineral Water or 1 red Rivella or 1 glas of Limu.

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